10 Reasons to Use Earthsap Shampoo


Hello, everyone! I hope you all had a good Wednesday! Today’s beauty post is all about organic hair shampoo. As you may know from previous posts, I do have sensitive skin and a sensitive scalp. My skin tends to dry out easily and it is prone to eczema. Therefore, I have to be careful about which products I use.

I’ve been using a shampoo called Nu-Hair treatments which used to be free of parabens, fragrance, and chemicals. Now it’s just colourant and sulphate free, which isn’t enough for me. It also costs about R75 now for a 200ml bottle. I don’t really understand the need for the change in ingredients and branding.

Faithful To Nature


Last week looked around online for a place to buy organic products in South Africa and I stumbled on this site called Faithful To Nature. It is an online organic shop with many great organic products including beauty, body, household surface cleaners, food, gifts, and clothing. All their products have to adhere to a strict ingredient policy they have compiled to make sure that the product is safe and green.

I went through their shampoo section and saw this interesting brand called Earthsap. They sell a variety of beauty, bath, and household products. I saw the good reviews and decided to purchase 4 bottles of this shampoo. I thought it wouldn’t hurt since it’s not pricey and even if they weren’t that great, at least it’s natural.

Here is why I am a fan of Earthsap shampoo:

  1. The shampoo is natural, non-toxic, eco-friendly, and 100% biodegradable.
  2. I can pronounce the ingredients and that’s how I know it’s chemical free.
  3. The ingredients list doesn’t look like an abstract for a thesis.
  4. It’s suitable for sensitive scalps.
  5. They do not test on animals.
  6. Shampoo does not contain animal products (vegan).
  7. Contains no synthetic fragrances, artificial preservatives, phosphates, petrochemicals, chlorine, bleaches.
  8. No sulfates or salts.
  9. It costs R46 for 250ml which in my opinion is quite affordable for an organic shampoo and R30 cheaper than Nu-hair Treatments.
  10. They all smell divine and it does not feel watered down.

You can check out more of Earthsap products at this link or read below a run down of the shampoo I bought:

Pomegranate and Soy

  • Moisturizing, for dry and normal hair.
  • The pomegranate helps to strengthen your hair. The soy protein nourishes hair and encourages growth.
  • Contains calendula oil and coconut extract to restore moisture to dry damaged hair.


Lavender and Sugar Beet

  • Suitable for all hair types
  • Sugar beet contains calcium, protein, and vitamin B and C to promote a healthy scalp
  • Lavender oil stimulates hair growth and rosemary soothes dry and flaky scalps
  • Wheat germ is rich in fatty acids, minerals, and vitamins to promote healthy hair growth


Grapefruit and Sugar Beet

  • For oily and normal hair.
  • Same as above sugar beet contains calcium, protein, and vitamin B and C to promote a healthy scalp
  • Grapefruit oil is a gentle but effective cleanser that eliminates oil
  • Soy protein replenishes much-needed nutrients.


Tea tree

  • Repair, anti-itch relief, normal hair.
  • Tea tree oils and soy protein help repair and strengthen damaged or normal hair.
  • Leaves no toxic residues on your scalp


  • Those shampoos sound wonderful! I’m always so worried when I put anything on my head that’s not natural.

  • Bubblesjay

    I was also using Nu-Hair and then tried exploring other sulphate-free shampoos when I realised that they had changed their formula. What we need to remember with sulphate-free shampoos is that they are not all made equal. Some of them contain chemicals that are even more or equally damaging as sulphate shampoos.

    My most recent endeavour was the Nature’s Gate Biotin and Bamboo shampoo. Initially I thought it was a similar shampoo to the Nu-Hair one with the added benefit that it was paraben-free. However, I have been looking for a new sulphate-free shampoo to try out as I feel this one lathers too much and my scalp inevitably becomes itchy between washes; I do not wash my hair daily – gross, yes? However I find that this works for me and doesn’t strip my scalp so much.

    Bottom line; thank you very much for the review. I am going to try one of these after my current bottle is done.