7 Instagram Accounts You Should Follow


The cool thing about Instagram is that you’ll find many accounts that only post content centred around a particular theme or topic. That way you can follow things that interest you and your stream will look so much better than Twitter and Facebook. Below are 7 of the Instagram accounts that enjoy!

1. healthyfitsam

Run by, Sam, this account is all about health and fitness. She is a beginner yogi and you’ll often see shots of her in various yoga poses. I really enjoy the yoga poses and I often wish I was as flexible. I like that the yoga photos are taken outdoors, on the grass, at the beach, and other cool places. It gives the account a fresh and unique look. It’s a nice change from the usual yoga-on-the-mat-indoors type of posts. I also like the random pics of food and drinks.


2. _girly_stuff_

The name of the account says it all (this one has 2 underscores at the end). This account is where I get my daily fix of cute. It features cosmetics, makeup tools, and makeup storage. The images are always bright and colourful.

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3. lifeofavegetarian

This account is filled with lovely vegetarian and vegan meals. It’s amazing inspiration for lunch ideas. The colours and the varieties of foods displayed on this account makes me want to eat better. I am a very bad vegetarian so I really need this in my life! I love hoe they also show that eating well can be fun and easy.

All packed and ready to roll. This lunchbox has lunch and 3 snacks – to last hubby from breakfast through until dinner. Today's lunch and snacks include; ▪️Salad of spinach, lettuce, Brussel sprouts, steamed broccoli & cauliflower, freshly shelled peas, avocado, tomato and goats cheese. ▪️Homemade crackers, carrot sticks, broccoli stem and ajvar (paprika relish). ▪️Fruit salad (pineapple, kiwi fruit, strawberries and blueberries) ▪️Matcha and chocolate slice. Hooray for daylight savings! While getting up this morning was a bit of a struggle (waking up to my alarm not natural light again 😖) I don't have to rush rush rush to get my photos snapped and ready to share. Hope you enjoy today's lunchbox 🌞 Recipes for the crackers and the matcha slice are both just a little way back on my feed. #lifeofavegetarian #vegetarian #meatfree #MeatFreeMonday #lunch #lunchbox #lunchinspo #packedlunch #schoollunch #mealprepdaily #mealprepmonday #mealprep #foodprep #instafood #health #healthy #wholefood #superfood

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4. 9gag

This is the instagram account of the popular 9gag website. This site is good for wasting time. I usually tag people in various posts on this account so that we can share in the hilarity of the post. It features many of the same content that you’ll find on the desktop website. The videos of funny animals and children just get me every time.

Words of wisdom. #9gag

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5. Beautysouthafrica

Beauty products are usually available first overseas and they take a while to get on to South African shelves. That’s why I like this account because they feature things that we as South Africans have access to. The account is based on the magazine website beautysouthafrica.com which features many reviews covering a multitude of beauty products.


6. Baddiewinkle

This woman is amazing! It’s one of the best and funniest Instagram accounts out there. It is seemingly run by an elderly woman who loves pop culture and all things modern. You’ll see her wearing clothing with the faces of Beyonce and Kanye. You’ll see her smoking and rocking tie-dyed t-shirts. She’s recently been taking photos with celebrities. Oh, and she doesn’t like “basic” people.


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7. Satiregram

Sometimes Instagram can be a dull and cliche’d place. I feel like many people just use it to brag and hype themselves up. This account makes fun of all the people who are just trying too hard on Instagram. All the cliche pics and idiotic captions are satirised on this account and I find it highly entertaining.


Bonus: pingandting

Our Instagram is pretty cool too 🙂