Beauty Review: 7 Shades Nail Polish



These are some of the nail polishes I have. Some are over a year old and some I’ve had for a few weeks. Let’s take a look at each one!

From left to right: Essence Colour & Go – Enchanted Fairy | Oh My GOSH – Pink Obsession | Sinful Colours (no shade specified) | Vào – Vivacious


Essence Colour & Go Enchanted Fairy: I received this shade in a Rubybox. It’s a light neutral pink/grey colour. It’s good for every day wear. The bottle says that it is a “quick drying nail polish” and this is true. It does dry quickly but the brush is too narrow for me so it takes a while to apply and it doesn’t help that the formula tends to thicken. I’ve only had this for a few weeks and it seems to be changing colour slightly. It looks more grey than pink now.

Oh My GOSH Pink Obsession: I received this polish for free when I bought some GOSH eye shadow from Red Square online. It’s a bright pink colour which has a shiny finish when it dries. I always get compliments when I wear this shade. It’s so bright and girlie which I love but I can see why some would not want to wear it. The brush is just as narrow as the Essence Colour & Go but this formula is so thin and light so I have no problem with it. You can definitely tell that this is better quality than Essence.

Sinful Colors (no shade specified): I can’t even remember where I bought this. I think it was on sale somewhere but I forget where. I don’t know why the name of the shade is not on the bottle but I just call this my “sparkly pink” polish. I have had this for over a year now and it has not thickened at all. The bottle is a nice size and the top is big so you have more control while applying. The glitter particles are small but they do stand out a bit. I wear this once in a while when I’m feeling extra girlie and fun. Because the bottle contains a larger amount of product and because there are glitter particles in it, there is a tiny ball inside the bottle so that when you shake it, it helps to mix and thin out the liquid.

Vào – Vivacious – Another Rubybox surprise. I just love the shape of this bottle; I think it’s very different and sophisticated. The brush is long and thick so you can cover most of your nail in one swipe. The formula is thin and quick drying. You only need one coat to get a nice shade on your nails. I never thought about trying bright orange nails before so I’m glad I got it in the rubybox.

From left to right: Essence Multi Dimension 3 in 1 – All Access | Sleek Style – Blueberry Beat | Sinful Colors (no shade specified)


Essence Multi Dimension 3 in 1All Access: I still wonder why I bought this nail polish. I think it was because it looked different. Like a colour no one would want to wear but me. I don’t even use this one any more! In the bottle, this looks like a lovely slightly shimmery bottle green colour. But on my nails it’s a bit of a mess. It’s so thick and lumpy. When you apply a second coat the whole colour goes patchy and uneven. This is so ugly. Don’t buy it.

Sleek StyleBlueberry Beat: This comes in a small but cute bottle with a short brush. The formula could be thinner but it’s not a problem at the moment. It’s a nice medium blue colour that is shiny once it is dry. I don’t wear this one often but I won’t throw it out because it’s a cute colour to wear.

Sinful Colors (no shade specified):  Just like I call the one above my “sparkly pink” nail polish, I call this one my “sparkly blue” nail polish. I bought these two shade together. This is basically the same as above: I like the formula and the design of the bottle. This one is slightly less sparkly than the pink one and the glitter particles are less visible.

I hope you liked this little review of seven different shades of my nail polish! I think my favourites are Oh My GOSH and Vào. My least favourites are both varieties of Essence. I think I’ll keep them for nail art only and not for painting all ten nails.

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  • Great colors ! I like ‘blueberry beats’ the most :3

    • It’s a good colour!

  • Sounds pretty cool. You should try some of the Cover Girl nail polishes. I’ve seen other reviews that say they’re really good.