About Us

Ping and Ting is about the (extra) ordinary girl. We bring you lifestyle posts from beauty, decor & design, entertainment, fashion and so much more brought to you by two REAL girls!


20150725_123607 - CopyI am Kylie (aka ‘Ping’) and I am from Cape Town, South Africa. I am very patriotic towards my country where I grew up and reside.

I splurge on all things trendy and fashionable, beauty products, magazines and cannot resist a beautiful handbag.

I love my Maltese poodle named Garfield (Yup that’s his name) and am a coffee fanatic.

I dream of travelling & exploring the world and founded the Ping and Ting blog with Ting as an outlet to share my love of all things (extra) ordinary and decadent.

I can also be found at kylielaz.com where I will publishing more personal posts about things I love such as Beauty and Fashion! Please do drop by there and say hi when it launches on the 23rd of April 2016.

1461675_10151775972286697_1211436117_nMy real name is Lindsey (aka ‘Ting’) and I live in Cape Town, South Africa. I’ve had many blogs before this one but I never kept them for longer than a year. This is why I am so happy to be blogging alongside Ping. It’s much more fun with a partner!

I am inspired by everything in life, especially nature. We can learn a lot from observing the world we live in. My style is very casual. You could say that I am a “jeans and T-shirt” kind of girl but I am slowly moving away from that tomboyish look and I find I am becoming more girly.

I am a vegetarian and I love cottage pie, pizza, and butternut soup.