GHD vs. BaByliss vs. Glampalm – Hair Styling Iron Review


NOTE: All prices in this post were correct at the time of writing this blog post. For a follow-up review of the glampalm flat iron, click here.

Are you looking for a new hair styling iron? Take a look at these 3 brands and decide for yourself which one is for you.


Ghd IV Professional Styler


Ceramic heat technology: makes your hair as smooth and straight as your stylist does.

Floating plates: glide through hair more easily

Dimensions: 24.9mm x 90mm

Round barrel: creates curls, waves, and flicks as easily as it straightens

Sleep mode: switches off if not used for 30 minutes

Power: On/off switch. There is no temperature setting but according to the website the plates of the V stylers  heat up to between 175°C – 185°C. Other websites say the plates heat up between 200°C and 230°C.

Cable: 2.7m with swivel cord

Warranty: 2 years

Universal voltage

Made in China

Price:  R1650

Others in the range:

GHD V Gold Classic Styler, R1999

GHD V Gold Mini Styler, R1999

GHD Eclipse, R2899

My thoughts:

The GHD has been the go to styler for many people. I think this is because of excellent marketing and celebrity endorsements. In the early 2000’s they got rave reviews and everyone wanted to get their hands on a GHD. Nowadays the newer GHD’s are getting a run for their money as other flat irons become more popular. The main reason I wouldn’t choose the GHD for myself is because there is no temperature control. So whether I want to style my hair or just touch it up, it will stay one temperature. The GHD is very hot so this is not ideal for me. If you have thicker hair then it would be perfect for you.  One thing I’ve noticed is that the GHD’s from 2010 onward have gotten more complaints than the previous models.

The swivel cord is quite stiff and the cable twists a lot. The GHD is good for creating smooth straight styles or curls and waves although it does make my hair a bit static and it does not last as long as I would like it to. If you want a flat iron that creates smooth styles that last a fair amount of time and if you are ok with just one temperature setting then get the GHD. I would give it an 8/10.


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BaByliss Sublim’ Touch


Ceramic technology:  Sublim’ Touch surface to smooth and shine hair. Fast heat-up time so that you can straighten you hair impeccably in 1 stroke

Dimensions of plates: 28mm x 95mm with a locking system to keep the plates closed

Barrel:  The barrel is rounded with “cool-touch” ribs

Power: On/off switch with temperature selector from 130°C to 200°C.

Cable: I couldn’t find an official length but it looks like it’s a bit less than 2m long.

Guarantee: 2 years

Made in China

Price:  R299.99

Others in the range:

Wet & Dry Slim

iPro 230 iCurl Ceramic Intense

My thoughts:

This flat iron is OK. It is definitely worth the price. It gives good enough curls and waves as well as straight styles. It doesn’t make my hair any shinier or smoother. That is dependent on the products I use on my hair before and after I style it with this iron. The “cool-touch” ribs don’t work. They still get hot. I love the locking feature which keeps the plates together, making it easy to store when it isn’t in use. You don’t get straight hair with “just one stroke”.

Although there is a temperature selector, there is no way of telling exactly what temperature the iron is on so you have to make your own judgements. Hair often gets caught on the top and at the sides of the plates which can lead to hair breakage so you have to be extra careful. This isn’t good for when you are in a hurry. If you want  a basic flat iron with no real special features then this is the one for you. I would give it a 6/10.


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Glampalm Standard Magic Series Iron


Ceramic coating:  Special ceramic coated heat plates prevent damage to the hair and scalp

Plates: 28mm x 95mm. Cushion and tilting function added to heat plates, minimizing pressure on the hair and transmit heat equally on the hair, giving a smoother hairstyle.  Precious mineral ore “healing stone” is infused into the plates.  The plates emit far infra-red rays and anion technology. There is also a specialised alumina powder infused in the plates to enhance your hair colour.

Minute vibration function: With the cushion and motor function inside the iron, the plates vibrate minutely minimizing hair pulling.

Barrel:  The barrel is rounded so you can create curves and waves

Power: On/off switch with 11 heat settings on an LED display with temperatures ranging from 110°C to 200°C including a “clinic” code which only heats up to 60°C. There is also a vibrate function which makes the plates vibrate when you press them together on your hair. This function is meant to be used with at home hair treatments.

Cable: 3m with 360° swivel cord.

Guarantee: 2 years

Made in South Korea

Price:  R1999

Others in the range:

Wide Magic Series Iron, R2100

Glampalm Magic Wand, R1699

My thoughts:

This is a great product.  At first I thought all the reviews must have been fake, because I haven’t seen one bad one yet. Even the comments on their facebook page are over the top. I’m glad I decided to get one though because it really lives up to the hype. It feels softer and smoother when I pull it through my hair so the cushioning and vibrations actually work. I notice that when I plug it in and run a finger gently against one plate it vibrates very slightly even when it is switched off. It’s a strange but cool feature. I’m very happy about the temperature settings. I have only used it up until 150°C because that is really all I need. At that temperature I only need to run it over my bushy hair twice to get it smooth and sleek.  The long cable really comes in handy.

Some websites said that you don’t have to use any heat protectant with this flat iron because it doesn’t damage the hair cuticle. I would rather be safe than sorry so I still use a spray although not as much as I used to since I can choose a temperature on the glampalm. I have no idea how the “healing stone” technology works but it really does make your hair feel smoother and look shinier. I don’t think I’ll be going for another brand for a couple of years. If you want a flat iron that does almost no damage to your hair, gives smooth and shiny styles that last long, and the ability to choose between 11 heat settings then get the glampalm. I would give it a 9/10.


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  • Sonia

    i have purchased the Gladpalm after my hairdresser recommended it to me as the best one on the market and i have never regretted it..THE best flat was more expensive than the other ones but it was worth every penny..

    • I love my glampalm. I got so sick of using my BaByliss and I actually sold it to a friend of my mother’s shortly after typing this post. It really is worth it.

  • I have always stuck to using my trusty GHD’s but it’s interesting to see the other straighteners on the market.


    • Definitely. I think it’s nice to look out for new and different brands when you’re wanting to replace an old product of yours.

  • Nicole

    Hi 🙂 I have the GlamPalm GP225, it came with a silver envelope in the box which contained clear film sheets. Embossed on the envelope says that it is meant to be used during keratin treatment. but nothing else? any idea on when and how this is meant to be used?

    • This is how I understand it: When doing at home treatments you apply the product to your hair as per the instructions on the pack. You’ll then have to flat iron your hair so that the product bonds with your hair and seeps into the cuticles. You can use the glampalm to do this this but you first need to put those “stickers” onto the plates to cover them. This is so that none of the treatment goes into the sides and corners of the glampalm. Hope this helps.

  • Nafeesa

    Getting my Glampalm in the next 6 days. I’m so excited Bye Bye Babyliss…. hello Glampalm 🙂

    • I’m excited for you. I hope it exceeds your expectations. Make sure you try doing your hair on vibrate mode. I find that it minimises pulling and (maybe it’s ll in my head) it seems shinier.

    • Maria Mendes

      Hi Nafeesa, I was wondering what you think about the glampalm? I’m thinking of getting the titanium one, although I’m stuck between that and the babyliss titanium one.

  • Nafeesa

    I’m off to get it in the next two hours lol i am so excited

  • phyllisj8

    I’d recommend Karmin! <3

  • Eka Perdania

    Thank you so much dear for this comparison. I used to opt for GHD, but now i see that Glampalm is the real deal. Will buy this one! Love XX

  • Jennifer

    Please help me, what the difference between glampalm 225 al and glampalm 232 an?

  • Andra Rotaru

    Got my Glampalm a while ago and I don’t want to use any other brand. It’s so easy to hold, the hair is less damaged and it straightens really easy.