Restaurants: Belthazar Restaurant and Wine Bar



| Belthazar Restaurant and Wine Bar V & A Waterfront, Cape Town |

A few weeks ago I dined at Belthazar Restaurant and Wine Bar in the V & A Waterfront. It took us a while to decide to eat there as we first had a look at the menu and what options there are (I am a picky eater). After debating for a bit we finally decided to try out this place as we had never been there. I had seen this restaurant many times as I have frequented the Waterfront since I was small so I was quite curious about this place!

We were greeted by a lovely hostess and then were lead to a table by a waiter. The restaurant was relatively empty so they let us decide on seating and we choose seating close to the edge with a lovely view.

10 – 15 minutes rolled by and eventually a gentleman in a pink shirt came to our table to ask if we had been served (this was just surprising that we had to wait as the restaurant was practically empty). I ordered a Mojito to drink and Calamari with a side dish of chips (delish!). My companion ordered chicken wings with Cranberry juice.

Before our order arrived we were treated to a starter of bread and some sort of sausage dish. I loved the bread – it was so fresh and melted in your mouth. I don’t really eat meat so I took a tiny taste of the sausage dish and that wasn’t bad either! Our food came quickly after that and the portions were quite a healthy size!

What I loved?

The watrons were dressed smartly, the tables were laid beautifully, the view and the food + drink (oh the food!).

What I think?

The initial 10 – 15 minutes we had to wait I soon forgot about as the service is really good. Also be prepared to have deep pockets if you want good food!


4/5 stars


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