Book Club: Breathe – A Ghost Story by Cliff McNish



I won this book, Breathe: A Ghost Story by Cliff McNish, from the Sunday Times in 2007 after I entered a lucky draw. I remember being really excited when I got the package sent to my house. I’m not someone who constantly watches horror movies or who reads horror books so I was sceptical about liking this book. It is a very creepy and spooky book. I think it would be OK for anyone aged 12 and up.


The story follows a little boy called Jack and his mother, Sarah, as they move into house that is big and old. We find out that Jack’s father died of a sudden heart attack so it’s just the two of them in this huge house. Jack has asthma and this is mentioned quite a lot in the book. He is also sensitive to the spirit world. For instance, if he wants to know more about an old piece of furniture he will touch it and then get flashes of memories about who sat there or who it belonged to.

The other characters are ghosts. Four children: Ann, Oliver, Charlie, and Gwyneth. Then there is the Ghost Mother. Her daughter passed away. That’s all I’ll say.


This is a good book and if you have a vivid imagination you will find this book extremely creepy. I remember reading it and getting shivers down my spine. It has less than 10 characters and takes place in one location. It is simple but very effective.

Here is a little preview of chapter one. It’s called The Ghost Children.


I would recommend this book to anyone who loves a good captivating story.

♥ Ting