Bronx Woman 10th Birthday + AW2015 FRow Collection


Last week Thursday 26th March, Bronx Woman celebrated it’s 10th birthday! We’ve posted a bit about Bronx Woman before but this was our first time attending an event of theirs. The birthday bash took place at the Wembley Studios in Cape Town. The theme was that of a 10th birthday, but for adults: chili lemon popcorn, vanilla candy floss, cupcakes, macaroons, and 4th street wine! Another element to the theme was the “touch of gold”. Everyone in attendance had a touch of gold element to their outfits and even some of the food had gold dusting and frosting.

We arrived there after 18:30 and got some lovely 4th Street Wine on arrival. We were told to pick a random number from a box and that later on in the evening we would each get a prize. The prizes included Bronx notebooks, Rimmel Hampers, and 4th Street Wine Hampers. It was a lovely surprise and it cool to see everyone there get something nice.

In one section of the gallery there was an interesting shoe and light fashion installation. There were lights and shoes hanging from the ceiling behind a giant gold frame. This was the perfect backdrop for selfies and an interesting way to show off the Bronx shoes. Check out the Bronx Woman collection at

The FRow is what their new collection is called and you can view the shoes below.

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“This season international trends highlighted a play on textures. So, we decided to really play with materials and fabrics in order to showcase this fashion development in our collection. The rigorous design and selection process resulted in really hot footwear – fit for the FRow for sure!” – Wayne Roos, Bronx Woman.

To see some photos of us at the event, click through our facebook album.