D.I.Y Graphic Tees!


I came across this awesome YouTube channel called The Fashion Citizen. They make videos related to all kinds of fashion. Whether it’s reviewing clothing from thrift shops or big brand names or showcasing their favourite looks for school or different seasons, you will find something that interests you fashion wise. This D.I.Y video shows you how to create your own graphic tee shirts. I think it’s a very easy and creative thing to do by yourself or with friends especially for the summer months.Graphic tees are very popular in the summer but some great designs can be pricey. The only thing that might deter you from trying this is the price of the transfer paper and of course the ink! If you think about it though, you could make so many tee shirts of your own designs and end up saving money in the long run. Especially since you would be using very affordable plain tee shirts.

♥ Ting