DIY Bath Salts – Citrus Scents


Since I’m not allowed to use just any beauty products I want because of my sensitive skin, I have to be very careful about what I use and always check the ingredients for added chemicals. Although being so selective can sometimes take the fun out of trying new things, it also gives me a chance to be creative. First I thought of buying some plain Epsom salts to add to a bath because it softens and heals skin. Then I researched some simple ways to spruce it up a bit. Check out this simple and easy recipe to make your own DIY bath salts!

Ingredients for simple DIY bath salts

  1. Epsom Salts
  2. Carrier Oil
  3. Essential Oil

That’s really it. The types of oils you use are really your choice.

Epsom salts is essentially the base. It has amazing properties for the skin and body. It helps you to relax, soothes tired muscles, and has a detoxing effect. I chose to use Sally-Ann Creed Luxury Epsom Bath Salts. It’s only about R50 for half a kilo. It is beneficial already on its own by just adding 2 tablespoons to your bath.



I wanted my bath salts to have some kind of fragrance. I’m over tea tree oil because it’s already in my shampoo. So I looked around and decided to use sweet orange oil. The one I used is Soil Sweet Orange Essential Oil, which is just R26 and probably the cheapest essential oil. I love the citrus smell! It’s fruity and refreshing. It’s very good for dry skin and improving dull complexions.



Remember that when you want to use an essential oil on your skin or in your bath you must ALWAYS dilute it or you risk a skin irritation or even burn. A great way to use essential oil is to dilute it with a carrier oil or with Epsom salts. In this recipe I used both so I was safe.

For my carrier oil I decided to use argan oil. I’m sure you already know that argan oil is used by beauty gurus for the whole body, skin and hair. I used Tree of Life Pure Organic Argan Oil. It heals skin, keeps it looking radiant, improves the health of your hair and nails, reduces the signs of ageing, etc. This one is a bit pricey and I decided to rather save my argan oil as a night treatment. With my 2nd batch I just used extra virgin olive oil that I got at Pick ‘n Pay. EVO also has many benefits when used in cooking or in beauty treatments.



My Method

1.       Add 4 tablespoons of Epsom salts to a jar or bowl

2.       Add about 20 – 30 drops of argan oil (maybe a teaspoon max)

3.       Lastly I added 5 – 10 drops of sweet orange essential oil.

4.       Stir it all together and keep doing it until the jar is filled.


Once I had my jar filled, I checked the consistency and fragrance and added a bit more of my oils until it looked and smelled how I wanted. The amount of argan oil was still kept at a higher quantity than the orange oil, to be safe. I ended up with a wonderful jar of yellow-tinged bath salts that smelled amazing. I don’t bath often as I prefer to shower so I use my salts once a week. It is incredibly soothing and the aromatherapy it creates in the bathroom is wonderful. I used it recently after an event at work where I was on my feet a lot in not-so-comfortable shoes and it was perfect for the end of the day.

You can use any other oils that are more suited to you or that provide benefits that you are looking for.

Carrier oils

·         Sweet almond oil

·         Olive oil

·         Coconut oil

·         Grapeseed oil

·         Avocado oil

·         Jojoba oil

Essential oils

·         Lemongrass to energize your body

·         Tea tree is antiseptic and antiviral

·         Grapefruit for water retention and cellulite

·         Lavender for relaxation and calm

Soil has a vast collection of essential oils at affordable prices. You only need a few drops added to another oil, lotion, cream, salt, etc. You can get one and then just get any oil from the supermarket or health shop. Preferably organic.

I hope you try out this little DIY bath salts recipe and that it gives you the relaxation and calm that you deserve. Let me know how it goes. 🙂