DIY Stackable Bracelets by Bethany



I don’t wear bracelets that often but when I do, they are always small and cute. I have thin arms and wrists so anything big and chunky looks like I’m lifting weights. I like small to medium beads, cute charms, girly colours, and interesting shapes.

In this video, YouTuber Bethany Mota shows us how to make quick and cute DIY stackable bracelets. She makes 4 different kinds of bracelets: chevron effect, charm bangles, skull beads, and a wrap bracelet. They are very easy to make and the price of the materials really depends on where you buy them, what the are made of, or how much you buy. I prefer to get my jewelry from local designers who just work out of their own homes or do arts & crafts as a hobby. The items turn out to be unique, you can ask for specific items so it will be something you like, and you also save money!