Cosmetics: Do we really need makeup?



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A few mornings ago I left my make-up bag with all my essentials in a friends car and I went into a little panic! Okay I will admit that I do not wear a lot of make-up as I still like to look natural but the thought of going to work bare-faced left me in a bit of a tizz ( I can’t do without eyebrow pencil!). I have grown accustomed to wearing make-up every day so it initially felt like I was ‘naked’ without my ‘face’.

When I got to work and throughout the day no one noticed a thing or said anything (sjoe what a relief!). This got me thinking.. Do we really need make-up? Why do we wear make-up? Why does society place so much value on beauty? To answer the questions above – No, I don’t know and I don’t know.

I think that as little girls we grow up with it being engraved in us that guys play with cars, girls play with dolls and love fashion and make-up. Not every woman is into fashion and beauty and THAT IS OKAY. Of late I love make-up, I think that it enhances ones beauty. I also think that natural is beautiful. We are all different and being different is a good thing! Growing up I used to play in the sand at after care, I played cricket with other boys and girls, I played on the jungle gyms and played ingle angle but I am still that same girl, just with a little bit of make-up now.

  • I don’t think we NEED make-up but it is nice do feel dolled up and pretty. You’re right, Ping, it must enhance our beauty. There’s nothing nice about looking like you painted your face haha.

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