Fave Foods: Fry’s Family Foods Authentically Durban – Spicy Sausages Review


This year, Fry’s Family Foods launched some new products as part of their Authentically Durban range. The range includes the following products:

  • Chicken-Style Chunks
  • Lamb-Style Chunks
  • Meat Free Crispy Prawns
  • Spicy Sausages

I recently tried the Spicy Sausages. It’s just like their traditional sausages except it tastes like there is some curry powder added to the recipe.  They taste good! I was a bit worried I wouldn’t like it because I tend to dislike spicy foods but this is a good balance between mild and hot for me. I like to have them at breakfast sometimes with scrambled eggs, fried tomato slices, and toast. They are also good with some mash potato and baked beans on the side.

The packaging. Photo taken from Fry’s Family Foods website.

As usual these products are vegan. Meaning that they don’t contain any animal products. There is no added MSG and it is a non-GMO product. The only thing I tend to worry about is the sodium content. There is quite a bit of salt in Fry’s products which I suppose helps with the taste. You just have to make sure that your plate is balanced. If one food contains a lot of salt then make sure the rest is low on salt. If one food has a lot of fat then make sure the rest are low-fat, and so on. At your next meal, take a look at your plate and ask yourself if it is balanced when it comes to nutrients.

A good breakfast from all angles.
Sausage, eggs, and tomato. Skipped the toast today.
Thyme, Black Pepper, Olive Oil
Thyme, Black Pepper, Olive Oil.

I cooked the eggs, sausage, and tomato in olive oil because it’s a lighter oil with no cholesterol. While the oil is heating up in the pan I like to throw in some herbs or spices. I used thyme on this occasion because I love the smell. I put some black pepper on the eggs and tomato. I didn’t add any salt since the sausages have enough of that already.

It is a bit pricey but if you’re the only vegetarian in the house it lasts a long time. You can get the Spicy Sausages at Pick n Pay, Spar, Makro, or Shoprite for R30-R35 for 10 sausages.

♥ Ting