Cosmetics Review: Garnier BB Cream – Medium


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What is ‘BB Cream’?

BB cream stands for blemish balm, blemish base, beblesh balm or beauty balm. It was originally created in the 1960’s in Germany by a dermatologist and then introduced to South Korea and Japan in 1985 where it took off.


It comes in a medium sized plastic tube which is quite durable as I am quite clumsy. I have thrown it in my bag as well as in the car when I am in a rush and nothing has happened or spilled yet.


It is really affordable! It retails for R79,99 (About $8) at Clicks and is often on special for less than that. It is by far the cheapest BB cream in the South African market that I know of.

My thoughts

I luurrrrrrrrrrrrrrv Garnier’s BB Cream! It is very easy to apply – it can be applied within minutes if you are in a rush, it provides me with just the right amount of coverage, I look natural when wearing it and do not appear like I am wearing tons of make-up, it keeps me covered all day long and it lasts really long – I use it every single day and I only need to replenish every 2nd or 3rd month. Since I have oily skin I have noticed that my face sometimes appears oily but Garnier has also released a new Oil-free BB Cream that I cannot wait to try.

Overall I absolutely love this product!

  • I loved the garnier BB cream a lot, because I felt like I got great coverage from it, but I couldn’t get a good match for my skin tone 🙁 I wound up going with the Maybelline Dream Fresh.


  • I love love love BB cream! I use the “light” one. Feels good on my skin and doesn’t make me feel cakey.