Glampalm Review – 10 Months Later



I got my glampalm in February 2014 so I have had it for about 10 months now. I’ve had ample amount of time really test it out so I thought I would review it’s long term usage. For a first impressions and comparison glampalm review click here.

Run down of the features

  • Ceramic coating: Special ceramic coated heat plates prevent damage to the hair and scalp
  • Plates: 28mm x 95mm. Cushion and tilting function added to heat plates, minimizing pressure on the hair and transmit heat equally on the hair, giving a smoother hairstyle. Precious mineral ore “healing stone” is infused into the plates. The plates emit far infra-red rays and anion technology. There is also a specialised alumina powder infused in the plates to enhance your hair colour.
  • Minute vibration function: With the cushion and motor function inside the iron, the plates vibrate minutely minimizing hair pulling.
  • Barrel: The barrel is rounded so you can create curves and waves
  • Power: On/off switch with 11 heat settings on an LED display with temperatures ranging from 110°C to 200°C including a “clinic” code which only heats up to 60°C. There is also a vibrate function which makes the plates vibrate when you press them together on your hair. This function is meant to be used with at home hair treatments.
  • Cable: 3m with 360° swivel cord.
  • Guarantee: 2 years
  • Made in South Korea
  • Price: R2300




The Iron


  • Still heats up quickly
  • Vibrate function still works
  • No damage to 3m cable
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to create curls and straight styles


  • Small scratch on coating of iron but doesn’t affect the usage and effectiveness
  • Price has increased a lot since it’s become more popular
Spot the small scratch on the plate

My Hair

I can’t see any damage or breakage caused by the glampalm. Round about July or August my hair was very badly damaged because of constant colouring. The ends were crunchy and dry. I would always curl the ends to hide the damage and the glampalm helped to make it look a bit shinier and smoother. I was so glad that I could actually turn down the heat and even use it at the lowest (110C) so as not to cause even more damage.

I can’t imagine having damaged hair and then being forced to use a flat iron that stays at one temperature above 200 degrees! I’m treating my hair much better now and my ends are no longer badly damaged.

Final Verdict

Aside from the scratch in the coating of one of the splates, the glampalm still works just as effectively as the first time I used it in February. There is no snagging or tugging of the hair. I thought that because the cable is so long and it gets unrolled and rolled up again frequently that it would be the first part to become damaged from wear and tear. I was wrong. It’s still in good condition and the belt clip attached makes it easier to store safely when you pack it away.

I rarely use the iron above 180C because it does the job at a lower temperature. I think it could be because the plates heat up evenly and it make the hair smooth. Perhaps the “healing stone” really works?

All in all, this is still the best flat iron I’ve ever come across. It’s versatile and gives long lasting styles. You can order glampalm stylers on their website.