Happy Valentines Day


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Happy Valentines Day from Ping and Ting! Love should be celebrated everyday whether it be amongst family, friends or lovers but today is a day we can all shamelessly profess our undying love for each other. Here are some tips for activities that can be done on this day of love:

For the Spenders:

A romantic dinner

A movie & coffee

A special getaway

Send a dozen of roses

For the budgeters: 

Candlelight dinner for two at home

Picnic in your yard or living room (if bad weather)

Enjoy a night in with popcorn and a movie

Write how much that person means to you and give it to them

Whether you are single to mingle or in a relationship have fun as this day of love is for everyone whether you celebrate it or not! P.S. It’s not about the Valentine’s Day gift but what happens everyday that is more important :).