Herbalife Nutrition


Herbalife unveiled a new Multifibre formula last year which boasts new health benefits and no added sugar. So just before the festive season we were each sent a Herbalife pack to try out. Here’s our experience and thoughts of the products:


Herbal Aloe Concentrate Drink

This drink is meant to be added to water to help you drink more water as apposed to coffee and fizzy drinks that dehydrate us. It’s a way to make water more interesting and thus encourage us to drink more.

I love water already so I didn’t need this. I keep my 1 litre stainless steel water bottle with me on my desk at home and work so I am sipping throughout the day. I didn’t enjoy the Aloe drink as I found it a bit too strong and I do prefer a different brand of natural aloe juice that I sometimes add to my water. I probably used it 4 times and then stopped as it was just sitting in the fridge.

Instant Herbal Beverage

This beverage gives you increased alertness when you need it. It is very high in caffeine which rather put me off. The instant tea tasted just like a herbal tea but I prefer to limit caffeine in my diet. Although caffeine can give you a boost, for me personally it gives me the jitters, increased heart rate, and less enjoyable sleep. For people who thrive on caffeine, it’s perfect. I do prefer regular herbal teas and Jungle energy bars for a boost.

Formula 1 Express Bar

The energy bar was delicious and I really do like energy bars for snacks. I ate this one as soon as I got home and I actually wouldn’t mind having a whole box of them to have for the week at snack times. It’s good for when you are very busy and need a snack. It contains lots of protein and fibre keep you going.

Formula 1 Shake

The formula one shake is great and tastes like a milkshake! I used it nearly every day for breakfast and I really enjoyed it. It contains a good amount of protein and key nutrients. It doesn’t fill you up as much on it’s own but when you make a smoothie out of it or include maybe a yogurt and fruit afterwards, then it is a good breakfast.

Drinking this shake alone will obviously not make you lose weight, as many people believe. A combination of a good diet and regular exercise is what makes you lose weight. You can’t expect to  just drink this while sitting around all day, eating as you normally would, and then magically somehow lose weight. That’s not how it works. I would recommend drinking this as a breakfast replacement and keeping all other meals healthy and potion controlled. Any weightloss product is only effective if it is used in conjunction with a good diet and some great workouts every week. That being said, this can also be used to maintain your current weight, which is what I did.

Multifibre Drink

This drink is used to give you a boost for your daily fibre intake. I drank this multifibre drink by adding 1 scoop of it to the fomula 1 shake. I am usually quite regular however, the festive season can be difficult but this powder kept me regular throughout the holidays. I even gave some to my sister as she felt she needed a bit more fibre from all her over-indulgence. One scoop a day won’t give you diarrhoea, unless this is a massively drastic change for you, in which case you probably really need this in your life!




Let me start by saying that I think I am classified as a yo-yo dieter. I am always eager to try anything to lose weight and my weight fluctuates often as I have a tendency to pick up weight really easily. With that being said, I was really excited and eager to try out the Herbalife pack when it arrived as my big day is in 2017 and I would like to lose some weight for it. It arrived just before I went on leave for festive season. Once I took the pack home I read each product description as well as the extra info we were sent. Like most people, I fell into the pitfalls of festive season and over indulged so I only tried the pack two or three times.

Once things returned to normality and the holidays were over I restarted taking the Herbalife products. I replaced my breakfast and lunch with a shake and had some snacks in between but found that it didn’t keep me going until dinner time. I have previously had shakes from other brands and had the same results so what works best for me is to have a shake for breakfast and then the rest of my meals I try to be healthy and balanced.

Herbal Aloe Concentrate Drink

I don’t have a problem drinking water – only in Winter sometimes. And lately I have made a consistent effort to drink a lot of water at work so I always try to make sure my big glass tumbler is constantly full. I wasn’t a massive fan of the Herbal Aloe drink as I love water as it is but someone I know LOVES this concentrate so I plan on re-gifting this to her.

Instant Herbal Beverage

I don’t drink tea at all or like it either (I am a coffee fanatic) so I was skeptical that I would like this herbal beverage. But surprisingly I quite like it, it has a refreshing lemon taste and would offer that caffeine boost I get from coffee.

Formula 1 Express Bar

Oh I absolutely LOVED this express bar! It was so so yummy and is a perfect snack for in between meals. Many health bars don’t taste nice but not this one. I really wouldn’t mind having a box of this. The Express Bar and the Formula 1 shake were my favourite of the pack.

Formula 1 Shake

We received the Chocolate flavoured Formula 1 Shake mix. It tasted just like a milkshake and I’ve enjoyed drinking it. I often used full cream milk when I didn’t have skim milk or low fat but then I just add half milk and half water and it tasted exactly the same.

Multifibre Drink

I am quite regular so I didn’t see the need for this to be honest. I didn’t try it but someone I know who takes this said it works quite well when you are constipated and require some fibre.


Overall my first experience with Herbalife Nutrition was the best it could possibly be as I wasn’t very consistent at all in the beginning and then now that I’ve retried it I am only using it for over two weeks. I haven’t lost any weight as I wasn’t strict but I didn’t gain any weight either which is a good thing and I will definitely use the Formula 1 Shake Mix to maintain my weight once I’ve reached my goal weight. Any diet or lifestyle is up to you and how committed/ motivated you are. Someone I know has lost 32 kilos with Herbalife in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise so it is all up to you.  My tips for you are (from my own experience):

  • Read the products descriptions so that you are well informed
  • Remember that everyone’s journey is different and that no two people will lose weight/ adopt a healthy lifestyle the same way
  • Forming a habit and losing weight doesn’t happen over night so be patient (something I struggle with!)

For more information about Herbalife their details are as follows:

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