How To Make Your Costume Jewellery Last Longer


Don’t you just hate it when you see that your favourite piece of costume jewellery is tarnishing? It absolutely annoys me because as soon as I see it I know that it needs to be retired soon. Here are some tips on how you can make your jewellery last longer:

1. As soon as you purchase costume jewellery and bring it home make sure you paint it with a coat of clear nail varnish. This helps to seal in the paint/ metals/ colours etc.


2. Store it separately. I know this is so hard to do as it is dependent on your space but it helps to keep them separately so that they don’t rub off on each other.

3. Lastly, try not to wear the same pieces¬†over and over. We sometimes love wearing our favourite things to death but in this way it gets old quicker. And it’s the same with costume jewellery, ¬†if you wear it very often it will tarnish quicker. So try wearing other items as well from time to time.