How To Start a Blog (Part 1)


We often get many questions on how we started our blog and if we have any tips or advice for others on how to start their own blog. So we thought we would share what we have learnt so far in the hope that it helps you. There are various aspects of starting a blog therefore we will share this in a few parts. Here are five easy steps on how to start a blog:

Step 1: Brainstorm! Brainstorm! Brainstorm! Brainstorming is the fundamentals of blogging. Before you even create your blog you need to figure out the following:

  • Why are you starting a blog? There are no wrong or right reasons here but a blog needs motivation to keep going and you need to know why you want to create a blog.
  • What do you intend on blogging about? And it can be anything in this world whether it be about baking, knitting, painting, animals and so forth as long as it’s a topic you like, love or are passionate about.
  • What will the title of your blog and its url be? This you will only be able to really determine once you’ve figured out about what your blog will be about (as listed in the previous point). Your blog url/ website address needs to be catchy for readers to be able to easily remember and shouldn’t be long or complicated.


Step 2: Create an Email Account for your blog. It is best to keep things separate and have a blog email address as well as your own private email address. In this way it is easier to manage notifications and incoming emails from readers. We use Gmail as Google provides so many useful applications in addition to your inbox but there is Yahoo Mail, Microsoft Outlook, iCloud Mail and others you can use.


(L to R) Gmail and Yahoo Mail


(L to R) Microsoft Outlook or iCloud Mail

Step 3: So now you are done brainstorming and have created an email account for your blog. Now you need to decide on a blogging platform. We started out with Blogger and then moved to WordPress as WordPress has much better features but there is also Tumblr, Wix, Weebly, Squarespace and many more which you can use to create your blog.

Click HERE for a quick article on how to choose the best blogging platform.

Blogging Platform

(Top L to R) Blogger, WordPressTumblr

(Bottom L to R) Wix, WeeblySquarespace

Step 4: Once you have decided on a blogging platform you need to decide whether you want a free blog e.g. or whether you’d like a self hosted paid for domain e.g. Once you have decided whether to get a free blog or a self hosted blog you’ll need to create your blog with the blogging platform you’ve choose and if you’d like your own domain then this will need to be setup as well.

When we originally started our blog with Blogger ( we setup the blog by ourselves as its so easy to do but when we moved over to WordPress with our own domain ( we had this done for us. There are many how-to resources online to help you with setup of your blog and registering your own domain. If you really don’t know how to do it then it is best to get someone to help you or you could pay a small fee to have it setup for you.

Free vs Self Hosted Blog

Step 5: Your blog is now setup and ready! You will need to select a theme and design for your blog.

When we started our blog our main colour was green and then eventually it changed to a peachy orange colour. We would suggest that you decide on a colour for your blog to use from that point onwards to make your blog/ brand easily identifiable as well as try not to use dark colours as these make it difficult to read content.

All blogging platforms provide free theme templates for you to choose from or you can look online for free templates as well as there are thousands available. If you’d like a really good design you can also purchase a premium theme online.

Ping and Ting Theme

One of our very first blog themes

Your blog is now completely setup and you are good to go!

Next week we will bring you How to start a blog (Part 2).