How to update your Kitchen


Feeling uninspired when looking at your kitchen?

Well the easiest and most cost effective way to update your kitchen is to replace the tiles.

When I first found my place and viewed it I noticed that it had GREEN tiles in the kitchen. So imagine this, brown cupboards with bright GREEN tiles. It didn’t bother me at all as its not a permanent fixture and can be changed over time. I’m not sure if the previous owners simply loved that combination or the tiles were cheap but as soon as I moved it I wanted to change it. So I am hoping that within the next year we will change the tiles as there are also other things we want to do to our home.

I’ve browsed Pinterest a bit for inspiration and if your kitchen is in need of updating like mine then check out the images below I’ve found:

Brown and White Tiled Kitchen(3) Brown and White Tiled Kitchen White Tiled Kitchen(2) White Tiled Kitchen(3) White Tiled KitchenGrey and White Tiled Kitchen Brown and White Tiled Kitchen(4) Brown and White Tiled Kitchen(2)

All images: Pinterest