Juice Cleanse Review: The Skinny Juice Co.


Juice Cleansing

Skinny juices day 1
Day 1 juices: D-Tox, Beet, Burner, Root, Crumble

Two weeks ago I decided to do a 3 day juice cleanse. Many people think it’s a crazy thing to do but other people believe it has numerous benefits. I wanted to try it to see if I could do it and to see if I would get any benefits from it. Some people use juice cleanses to kickstart a healthier lifestyle and others do it to lose a bit of weight. I wouldn’t recommend the latter. Cleansing is a good way to rid your body of toxins from processed food and bad eating habits. You get a lot of antioxidants and vitamins and your digestive system doesn’t work as hard. I hope that you like this juice cleanse review!

The Skinny Juice Co

Name tag on juice box
My name on the box of juices
Juice box with instructions and straw
Styrofoam box inside the brown box with instructions and a straw

Juice cleanse instructions

15 frozen juices
They came frozen solid

I stumbled on this company called The Skinny Juice Co. on facebook. I’d never heard of them before. I browsed their website and decided that I’d do the 3 day cleanse during the week that I was off from work. I had no idea how the cleanse would affect me so I wanted to be in the comfort of my own home.

  • The 3-day cleanse contains 15 juices (5 a day) that you have to drink in the order that they are numbered.
  • The juices are raw and cold pressed and contain only fruit and vegetable juices with the occasional herbs and spices.
  • There are no fillers or preservatives so the juices but be kept frozen or refrigerated as they are highly perishable.

Before the cleanse

It’s recommended that you eat mainly fruit and vegetables 3 days before the cleanse. Ideally you need to cut out the following:

  • meat
  • dairy
  • eggs
  • sugar
  • caffeine
  • processed food.

It’s very difficult! I did my best but I thought since I don’t eat meat that it would be easier. The night before the cleanse, I went to a rooftop cinema and had a picnic basket full of food including popcorn and chocolate brownies! It wasn’t too bad but I was slightly panicking inside when I thought of the next day.

The Juices

Skinny juice bottle close up

These are the juices I got for the cleanse. SJ has 6 juices currently, and I got to taste them all. They are all 500ml bottles.

3 x D-Tox: kale, spinach, cucumber, celery, green apple, lemon, mint

3 x Beet: beet root,carrot, green apple, lemon, ginger

3 x Root: carrot, red apple, orange, ginger

2 x Burner: pineapple, celery, lemon, cucumber, cayenne pepper

2 x Crumble: red apple, pear, sweet potato, cinnamon

2 x Booster: blueberry, raspberry, strawberry, green apple, lemon, celery

During cleansing

juice cleanse instruction close-up

Overall, I found the cleanse a good experience. I had a lot of cravings on all 3 days for the following reasons:

  • There were so many snacks and yummy foods in the kitchen
  • People were telling me what they were eating via text (rude!)
  • I could smell people in the house making food
  • Going to a shopping mall and walking past the food court!!!
  • I love snacking
  • I like chewing and I like crunchy things

You have to start each morning with 500ml lemon water and then drink each juice slowly every 2-3 hours. You can also drink as much water and herbal tea as you want. No milk and sugar obviously. You can take a probiotic and supplements if you feel you want to. I developed my own schedule as follows:

First thing: 15ml probiotic, 3g spirulina, 500ml water with 30ml lemon juice

09:30: Juice 1

12:00: Juice 2

14:30: Juice 3

17:00: Juice 4

19:30: Juice 5

20:30: Rooibos chamomile tea

I took notes throughout the day while on the cleanse to document the cleanse. It’s weird to look back at it now! Enjoy.

Day 1

I woke up around 7 but stayed in bed for like an hour. I was on leave and wanted to relax a bit.

08:40 : Took my probiotic and spirulina. Took a while to finish my hot lemon water. I started to get hungry.

09:30 : The D-Tox juice is not bad. I’ve had green smoothies before with a lot of pulp but this is just the juice. I taste a lot of celery but it has a nice cucumber after taste. Halfway through I said out loud “I want foooood!”. I struggled with the last bit but I finished it in 30 mins.

10:30 : I’m going out shopping. I’m feeling semi-full and my energy levels are normal.

11:00 : Started to feel light-headed.

12:20 : A little late for my 2nd juice. It’s the Beet and it is very beetroot-y. It’s quite sweet with a ginger aftertaste. This juice stains so be careful.

13:30 : Decided to cut the shopping trip short. Walking fast while carrying all my bags during a juice cleanse just made me hungry and more light-headed. Exercise is not recommended while you’re on a juice cleanse. Some people can handle it though but I wouldn’t advise that you do it.

14:00 : I asked someone to pick me up and while I waited I was browsing instagram to pass the time. Bad idea! So many food pics! Also the food court at the mall was so enticing.

14:30 : Before heading home I had my 3rd juice which was the Burner. It was nice and smooth and easy to drink. Tasted mainly pineapple and the cayenne pepper gives a nice kick. I coughed a bit though. The juice made my tongue feel weird. Probably because of the acid in the pineapple.

16:15 : Feeling normal now. No hunger pangs or light-headed feeling.

17:05 : 4th juice, Root. It’s nice and sweet and I can taste carrot and apple. It’s not as bad as I thought.

18:30 : My tummy is making weird, loud, growling noises. It’s not hunger. Could just be digestion so decide to have some tea.

19:00 : Mom making pasta and it smells so good.

19:40 : Drinking the Crumble skinny. It’s delicious! I taste mainly pear and apple. It’s so creamy and I can taste the grainy-ness of the pear. Yum!

21:20 : I had me tea and ended up sipping water while I watched a movie in bed. Day 1 was OK.

Day 2

08:30 : I woke up feeling good and fresh. No cravings. I enjoyed my lemon water today.

09:40 : I finished the D-Tox really quickly so that I wouldn’t gag thins time. It’s smells very green which is good for you!

10:40 : I’m feeling good, full, sipping water.

11:25 : I’m texting a friend about how much I want cream cheese and crackerbread. I miss chewing.

12:50 : A little late for my 2nd juice which is Root. Yum!

15:00 : Excited to try the Booster which is filled with berries. It was nice and chunky and I loved all the berries. It was easy.

Skinny Booster
The Booster

16:20 : Slight headache, so I’m drinking water.

17:00 : I started getting a bit sleeping. I’ve been doing an online course on Digital Marketing. Every time I open the fridge for a juice, I see all the things I could be eating so I started to get hungry. I chugged the Beet juice in less than 10 minutes because I was hungry. It tasted so good! Love the ginger aftertaste.

17:50 : Feeling satisfied. My mom bought pies and said that there is one for me so I had to remind her that I’m on a cleanse.

19:55 : I felt like chewing something so badly! Drank my last juice of the day, Crumble slower this time. Love the pears. Sad that it’s the last Crumble of the cleanse.

20:45 : Excited that I only have one more day of this. I had a slight headache again and I was a bit bloated too but otherwise feeling good. I went to bed before 10pm.

Day 3

09:00 : I had my probiotics, spirulina, and lemon water.

09:30 : My body seems used to this routine now. I was got hungry at exactly 9:30. For some reason the D-Tox was extra chunky today, no idea why. Tried to finish it quickly.

11:08 : My tummy is making those loud noises again haha

12:10 : The Booster is extremely chunky today. Skinny Juice informed me via instagram that this is actually their smoothie and that’s why it’s chunky. It makes sense because berries have most of their nutrients in the skin.

13:40 : The booster filled me up but I started craving pizza and cheesy things.

16:25 : As I was drinking tea I started thinking about all the unhealthy snacks I always eat and the amount of sugar I consume. I seem to eat for fun sometimes.

17:35 : The Root skinny was nice sweet as usual and my tummy started making those noises again. It actually makes me laugh because I wonder what’s happening inside me.

18:20 : Everyone is the house is eating tasty things. Made me a bit sad.

19:00 : As I get ready to drink my last juice I realised that the redness on my legs and arms was gone. I get eczema breakouts so this was great for me. I also noticed by arms felt especially smoother. I never even notice the skin on my arms.

20:05 : My last juice, Beet, was strong. I tasted a lot of ginger. I felts s happy when I finally finished it and realised that I drank all 15 juices.

21:25 : Finished my rooibos tea and realised that when I wake up I get to eat a full breakfast!

After cleanse

I was so proud of myself for finishing the juice cleanse. I tried to stay away from soy and dairy for the first day. I had a lot of veggies with everything. That evening I went to the cinema (Avengers) and of course I had to have popcorn. I didn’t have any bad side effects or anything but I did have a funny feeling in my tummy but that was it. I also had some frozen yoghurt.

This cleanse was a good and interesting experience for me. I made around 7-8 trips to the bathroom a day which is a lot for me, around double the amount I usually go. I would do it again maybe towards the end of the year. I think 3 days is enough for me. I don’t think a 1 day cleanse would be too short and 5-7 days is too much for me.

Thank you to The Skinny Juice Co for this cool experience! If you’d like to purchase a juice box or cleanse then visit their website!

skinny juice cleanse day 1
Yummy juices. It was nice spending time with you!