July Little Black Bag – Dinner Parties

If you missed it, check out our review of the July Little Black Bag. All about the #dinnerparties #littleblackbag #lbb #lbbcoza #lifestyle #blogging #bloggers

The July Little Black Bag was something very different for sure! The theme for July was Dinner Parties: Hosting, good times, family & friends. I don’t host dinner parties but the products could still be useful to me in other ways. Here is what I got in the July Little Black Bag.

July Little Black Bag

Shopper Little Black Bag

Worth R35

This is a cute bag. I’ve used it once as a handbag/carrier bag to keep small things that I bought. It is a nice sized bag when for when you’re doing a bit of shopping. This is good for you to shop for your dinner party things!

Chalk Name Card


Worth R80

Now this is rather creative! These name cards are kind of like chalk boards and you write your guests names on them with chalk. This means that they can be used over and over again. I think it’s a cute and creative thing to have at the table.

Manner Napkins

manners napkins

manners napkins

Worth R120

Can you think of some people who desperately need these reminders? I know I do! Your guests will get a lesson in dinner table etiquette with these napkins.

Mom & Me Cocktail Stick Holder

Worth R65

I would never have thought to have this on the table. It’s a nice holder for toothpicks and cocktail sticks. Other than that, it’s just a block of wood with a hole in it.

Von Geusau Chocolate Truffles

Von Geusau Chocolate Truffles

Worth R45

I wish I had received an entire bag if these! They tasted so good. It’s probably a good thing that I only got 4 of them because I would’ve finished off the bag! These chocolates were fresh and delicious, especially the dark chocolate. You know how restaurants give you mints and things after you pay the bill? Well after your dinner party main meal and dessert, give your guests these cute choccies.

Tribe Coffee

Tribe coffee

Worth R75

This is a nice way to end your dinner party evening off. I am not an avid coffee drinker. I usually have 1 cup per month or less. These beans have a nice strong scent. I passed the bag on to my blog partner Kylie as she is a coffee addict!

Total worth R420

This was my final Little Black Bag for a while. I am trying very hard at saving my money and although I have loved this product these past 3 months, it’s not something that I absolutely need right now. I would highly recommend this subscription as the products are unique and each month has a theme. I love that you get full size products and that the value exceeds the amount that you actually pay. I hope that everyone else is enjoying their Little Black Bags!