June Little Black Bag Review – Winter Warmers


I was so excited to receive my June LBB! The packaging was really strange and intriguing and I could not wait to get home and open it up. This month the theme was Winter Warmers. So here’s my June little black bag review. Check out what I got this month!

Strange packaging on my bed…

Two-Tone Fingerless Gloves

When I first saw this woolen bundle I thought it was a pair of socks. Even when I unrolled it I still thought it was socks. It turned out that they are the cutest, woolliest pair of finger-less gloves. They are obviously meant for indoor use because your fingertips are exposed. This keeps your hands warm but you’re still able to do things with your hands such as type comfortably on your laptop and phone/tablet.





Mug with lid

This is a mug with attitude. It seems to be made of glass. It has a funny “measurement” markings on the side plus it comes with a lid so you can keep it in the car or while walking fast and it won’t spill.





Drawsting Little Black Bag

Instead of a big glossy bag this month, LBB opted for a smaller drawstring bag. It’s really cute and it’s good for when you’re travelling to keep all your small things together.



Clear Dome Umbrella

I thought that this might be what was in the long package. This will definitely come in handy when out and about in Cape Town. I’ve gotten caught in the rain many times because the weather changes so fast. I like that it is clear so that you can see where you are going. It’s also big enough for 2 people. PS: It’s hard to photograph umbrellas. I wanted a pic of me underneath it but it was dark outside.



Mamamac’s Choc-Cream Biscuits

These biscuits remind me of romany creams in a way but they are more chocolatey, less crunchy, and heart-shaped. They taste yum and are perfect with a cup of Milo. I shared some of them with my family so that I didn’t feel guilty about eating so many.


Handmade Glycerine Soap – Honey

This was a cute addition to the bag. I haven’t used it yet but it does smell lovely. I don’t use soap on my body (gels and creams only) but I wouldn’t mind using this as a yummy hand soap. The card says that it contain essential oil as well. Lovely!


Overall this bag was worth R425! What a bargain. I am so sad that the next bag (July) will be my last bag. I have to cut down on spending right now as I want to travel to Australia next year. Every bit of money helps. I wish I could get these every month but I have to make some cuts now. If anyone out there would like to gift me a subscription, I would not object to it 😉