Lipstick Review: Alila, Woolworths, & Clinique


Although my favourite makeup for lips are lipstains, I still enjoy using traditional lipsticks from time to time. These three are the ones I’m currently using.

My favourite lipsticks standing proudly.

I should mention that I didn’t really purchase these lipsticks. I got the Alila lipstick a few months ago in a RubyBox, the Woolworths one I got with a giftcard for my birthday, and the Clinique one was given to me by my mother.

Lipsticks with their caps on.
Swatches on my arm taken in natural light.


Alila lipstick in Turtle

I would describe this as a cherry red. It is the kind of lipstick that is great to wear in winter or summer. It is very pigmented and has kind of a creamy texture.  I like to pair this with black eyeliner on my top lash line with big curled eyelashes. It has great staying power and once it has set it does not budge. I have quite pouty lips with lots of lines and this does accentuate the lines a bit but I’ve found that if I exfoliate my lips a while before I apply the lipstick, it’s no longer a problem.

R120 to R140, available at,

Woolworths Hydro Lips in Diva

This is a bold kind of brick red colour. It is the most moisturising of the three lipsticks. I wear it the same way I wear the Alila lipstick with black eyeliner. The colour goes on more smoothly than Alila. It transfers easily so it will stain clothing and mugs. I like the way this lipstick looks with my skintone. Just like the Alila lipstick, you can wear it bold or us just a small amount to tone it down.

R99.99 from Woolworths

Clinique Surge Buttershine Lipstick in Peek-a-boo

The Clinique website describes this as a golden pink. This is such a pretty pink colour. It gives my lips a nice nude pink shine. It does look a bit too glittery sometimes. The texture is like butter so it is moisturising but it can give you a gunky feeling as if you have too much on your lips. This is why when I apply it instead of sliding it on my lips, I do a kind of dabbing motion with the lipstick so that I don’t use too much of the product. It is quite slippery too. Out of the three lipsticks, this is the one I would not purchase. The colour is the main reason I don’t throw it out. Funny how the most expensive lipstick is my least favourite. 😉

R230 to R235 from Clinique counters