Make & Bake: Microwave Poached Egg



If you’re like me and have struggled to make good poached eggs on the stovetop then you should try microwave poached eggs! They’ve come out perfect each time I’ve made them and it is quick and easy to do. Follow these simple steps to make the most delicious poached eggs.

You will need the following:

  • 1/3 – 1/2 cup of water
  • An egg
  • A mug
Yes, that is a mug with my face on it. Haha.

Making the poached egg

1. Add the water to the mug and then crack the egg into the water. Some people say you need to pierce the yolk so that it doesn’t explode but I’ve never done that and no explosions so far.



2. Put in the centre of the microwave and heat it for 20 seconds. Then check on the egg to see how far it has cooked. Do this repeatedly until the egg is cooked to your liking.

After 40 seconds

3. Note that every microwave is different so the first and second time you make it will kind of be like an experiment to see how fast or slow the egg will cook. With our microwave I cook it 2 to 3 times (40 seconds) for a soft and gooey egg and 3-4 times (60 seconds plus) for a harder egg. When making poached eggs in the microwave, the yolk tends to cook faster than the white part so if you like your poached egg with a very runny yolk then you should rather try to master doing it on the stove top.

After 60 seconds
After 60 seconds

4. Once you are done, scoop the egg out with a perforated spoon and enjoy it however you would like to. The shape of the mug determines what shape and how thick or thin the poached egg comes out.




  • I think I will never master the stove top poached egg, so I’m very thankful for this post! Gonna go make one now. 🙂

    • Great! Hope it comes out good.