May Little Black Bag Review – Load Shedding


The May Little Black Bag

may little black bag

My first Little Black Bag arrived last week and I was really impressed and surprised. The May bag’s theme is Load Shedding! Something that South Africans just have to learn to deal with right now. That doesn’t mean our lives have to completely stop. We can still have fun and entertain ourselves. So I finally got to write a Little Black Bag review. Take a look what the bag for May has in store.

Abstract Lantern


I was so surprised when I saw this in the bag. It was in a separate box in the bag and I was so intrigued. It’s a lovely addition to my room and I actually used it the same day because that evening we had load shedding. It gives my room a nice glow and it looks good. You can put a tea-light candle in the cut-out in the wooden box or just rest a wider candle on the top. It still worked for me. I really love this and I was pleasantly surprised to find it in my bag.

Worth: R159

Long Matches


These are so fancy! I have a candle lighter already but I would still use these fancy matches. You won’t burn your fingers with these ones.

Worth: R39

Ralo Glow In The Dark Nail Polish

glow in the dark nail polish may little black bag

This is an interesting addition. It’s glow in the dark and UV glow nail polish. I’ve never been a fan of Ralo cosmetics as I don’t feel like their products are luxurious. The formula of this polish is strange. It has a gel-like consistency and it applies unevenly. The colour is transparent and doesn’t look good. The pink colour really glows in the dark and it looks cool. The yellow one glows a bit but I think you need a UV light to see it properly. I’m not sure if I should use it as a top coat or not. I don’t think I would repurchase this.

Worth: R45

Treat Company Marshmallows

handmade marshmallows may little black bag

So cute! I didn’t know handmade marshmallows existed. I’ve never heard of the Treat Company before. I tried a vanilla one and it was delicious. I roasted it over an candle. LOL.

Worth: R49

Marshmallow Roasting Stick

marshmallow roasting stick may little black bag

Perfect for marshmallow roasting. It works!

Worth: R49

Card Games

playing cards may little black bag

playing cards may little black bag

This is interesting. I don’t really play cards anymore but I can always pull them out to entertain people. It came in a smaller square box and includes a pencil and a poker game rankings page.

Worth: R59

Total worth: R400

I also got this abstract pink candle which wasn’t on the list but just added as a bonus. So cool! I actually lit this and roasted marshmallow on it.


Overall this bag was great. I am impressed with the range of products and I love that each bag is themed. My experience with subscription boxes is that the company usually sends out the same kinds of products and brands as the months go by. With LBB there is so much variety and each month has it’s own theme so there are so many different combinations that you could receive each month. The amount and worth of the products is also great for the price tag of R249. I look forward to June’s Little Black Bag! 🙂


may little black bag

may little black bag

may little black bag