November Beauty Buys


For the month of November I gravitated towards make-up and skincare products as I am becoming more and more conscious of what I use and apply to my skin. My November Beauty Buys consisted of the following:

Essence blush up! Powder Blush (20 pinky flow) – I actually saw this blush on a fellow bloggers Instagram feed and fell inlove immediately. It is a highly pigmented and cute pink blush perfect for that romantic look. It has a darker shade of pink and fades into a lighter pink. It is long lasting and worth it for the very affordable price.

MAC Foundation Brush (190) – I was only using one foundation brush but decided that I need to get more as I need to rotate in between brushes when I clean them so I got two of these MAC Foundation brushes. There’s not much to mention other than the brush hairs are soft and do not leave streaks on my face.

Clicks Skincare Collection Tea Tree & Cucumber Oil Control Scrub – I ran out of my exfoliater and couldn’t find a stockist anywhere so I got this instead. This scrub contains tea tree & cucumber, feels like a mixture of a face wash & a scrub and contains very tiny granules. Some tea tree scrubs have an over powering odour but this one smells fresh and I think it feels gentle enough to use everyday.

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