How To Ombre Your Hair



Last year some time I ombred my hair. It was so simple and easy to do that I thought I had to share it with others since I plan on ombreing it once again. I will admit immediately that I didn’t ombre my hair alone – I got help from my two siblings which really made a big difference. So if you have anyone who can help you then I would definitely recommend it even if they are just giving guidance.

To ombre my hair I used the L’oréal Paris Wild Ombrés Préférence with Expert Brush in Ombré´No 1 for light brown to dark brown hair. I have medium to dark brown hair and I had no idea what to get so I just choose the Ombré kit in this colour as it appealed the most to me.

What you get:

  • Users Guide
  • Expert Brush
  • Lightening Powder
  • Developer Crème + Applicator Cap
  • Lightening Crème
  • Conditioning Shampoo Colourist gloves


Step 1: Pour Lightening powder into the developer crème.

Step 2: Add the lightening crème to the mixture mentioned above.

Step 3: Replace the cap of the bottle and roll the bottle in your hand as well as shake it well.

Step 4: Remove the cap of the bottle to prevent blockage.

How to Ombre your hair

Step 1: Comb your hair thoroughly to remove all the knots and divide it into sections.

Step 2: Squeeze mixture onto the Expert Brush evenly. Make sure the brush is covered in mixture.

Step 3: Decide where you want the ombre colour to start. Ideally it should be between the ear and chin. Once you have decided start applying the mixture from that point downwards to the tips of the hair with the Expert Brush.

Step 4: Continue applying mixture onto your hair. If you have mixture left over then check for spots you have missed or re-apply for a more intense colour.

Step 5: Wait between 25 – 45 minutes (I waited 45 minutes) before rinsing off the mixture.

Step 6: Whilst still wearing the gloves rinse your hair until the water runs clear. Remove your gloves and apply half of the conditioning shampoo and rinse off.

I wish that I had a before and after photo but I didn’t take one at the time. I think that it came out really great and it also looked so natural as I was so scared of it coming out to0 blonde. This kit is perfect if you don’t want to spend hundreds at the hair dresser as well as for a girls night in doing each others hair.

Don’t forget to wear the gloves and use an old towel!


  • I used the same kit, but it made my ends so damanged!! Great review


    • Hey Candice! I know how you feel. I used the same brand but the red ombre and it looked amazing but damaged my hair too. If you use a good deep conditioner on your ends or use something like coconut oil on your hair as a treatment (shampoo it out) then that should be enough to keep your hair looking healthy. I would only do with once in a while though.