Subscription: Little Black Bag



I’ve just discovered a new subscription box in South Africa: Little Black Bag. I must be late to the party because they’ve been active since at least August 2014, according to their website! We already know about Rubybox which gives you beauty products each month. We’ve also tried Retailbox which gives you hair products each month. Little Black Bag takes it a step further giving you home decor, beauty, fashion, and food products each month! It sounds like the perfect lifestyle subscription box.



“This monthly themed bag is filled with the latest, hottest, must-have finds from the worlds of fashion, beauty, home decor, food, fitness and much more. Each bag consists of full-size items, hand-curated by our team of designers to bring you the latest and greatest.”Little Black Bag

It works like most subscription boxes in that you can buy a subscription and then cancel it at any time you wish you. With LBB you get a monthly subscription (R249 p/m), a 3 month subscription (renews every 3 months, R697), and a 6 month subscription which renews every 6 months (R1394).




Take a look at this link to view their past boxes. They look amazing.

What I love aout this bag is that the products are full sized, each month has a theme, and they all look so different. I wouldn’t even think to look around for some of these things. You can even gift a bag (once off) to a friend or family member. So cool!

Testing soon

I’ve ordered a 3 month subscription of the Little Black Bag as I am so excited to try this out. I have been trying to look for reviews of this bag or SA blog reviews but I haven’t found much. So now I’ve decided to take a leap of faith and try it out for myself! My first bag will be the one for May, which also happens to be my birthday month. Stay tuned until then!

***All photos from the website


  • Karley Brown

    I love subscription boxes! I was searching them just the other day, but never came across this one – would love to see how you go with them 🙂

    • Cool! The first bag I’ll get will be the one for May 🙂 So keep an eye out for that one!

  • I’ve heard about this – sounds great! Have a great weekend


    • I can’t believe I only just discovered it haha

  • Lesley brisco

    I have also been looking for reviews on the South African one, & yours is all I can find! As this is an old post, please can you tell me honestly if it is worth it? I am thinking of subscribing but I really don’t have any spare money to waste, (who does!) & need to know if the products are all they seem or a lot of rubbish not worth the money? Not sure how you will reply to this, so here is my email address. .Thank you.

    • Hi Lesley. You can check out the reviews of 3 little black bag subscriptions on this blog. I think the products are worth it but make sure you choose a bag with a category that you are actually interested in. I stopped because I couldn’t afford it any more at the time. I don’t know why I haven’t ordered again since then.