Ting’s September / October Favourites 2014


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Happy Halloween! Here are my favourites from September and October 2014. I hope that you enjoy!


Balm Balm Little Miracle Rosehip Serum


I reviewed this last week. It has definitely changed my skin for the better. Not that my face was bad before but it’s softer and smoother. I use just 2 drops every morning and evening.


L’Oreal Hot & Smooth Hot Straight Cream

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 I’ve been very bad with my hair and I’ve recently started taking proper care of it. The ends of my hair tend to get very dry and at one point they felt so crunchy and terrible. So I started putting this cream mainly on the ends of my hair after washing and conditioning. It protects against heat styling, smooths your hair, and holds your hair style. After using this I would dry my hair with my hairdryer using the diffuser or the concentrator (straight styles) depending on how I feel.

L’Oreal Elnet Satin Heat Protect Styling Spray – Straight


 I always touch up my hair with this spray. I usually spray it on my ends. It offers the same protection as the cream. You get different variants for curls or for volume. This also adds extra smoothness to your hair. I hope after trimming my hair and using these products that my hair will go back to a healthy state. The only complaint I have is that both these two L’Oreal products don’t really have any fragrance.


Johnson’s Baby Cologne – Joy


I picked up two of these at Clicks. I accidently took two of the same fragrance but it’s ok. I don’t use this as a cologne and I can’t imagine why people would use this on babies when babies already smell so beautiful. I actually use this on my hair brushes after I clean them with Clinique makeup brush cleanser. The products I use on my hair have little or no smell because of my sensitive skin and scalp. So adding this to my brushes gives my hair a nice smell even though it’s usually just me who can smell it. 😉


Exaggerate Waterproof Eye Definer



I really love the smudged eyeliner look. I don’t often like black pencil eyeliner but with this tool it makes the look wearable for me. I really like the smudger at the other end of the tube.

Scandal Rockin’ Curves Mascara

This mascara is great. I like the unique shape of the brush because it is curved to the shape of your lashes, making it easy to. It makes my eyelashes big and long.

Rimmel Lasting Finish Soft Colour Blush



I recently threw my yardley blush in the bin. The product was so hard and brushes could hardly pick it up. This one is soft and slightly shimmery. I also feel that this shade matches my skin tone much better. It is very soft so you have to be careful how you handle the product since it crack easily and makes the compact look very powdery.


Fry’s Family Foods Cooking and Tasting Event



We covered this event last week. It is probably my favourite event that I have attended through pingandting.com. This surprises me because the event had nothing to do with beauty or fashion. The event was very different from the others we attended. We had a chance to interact with each other and learn how to make some delicious meals.

We could then sit down and enjoy the meals we created while chatting to other guests. It was even more interesting because none of these people were fashion or beauty bloggers so we got to experience a different crowd. It often seems as though the fashion and beauty blogger community all know each other and don’t often interact with newcomers. Foodies on the other hand are very talkative and friendly. It could also be because food puts people in a good mood! I loved the free recipe book we got as well. I plan on making some of the meals I found in that book.

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