Trends: The Flirty Skirt Look


The flirty skirt: Every female needs at least one “all occasions” kinda skirt.

For too long I have loved skirts that flare out. Before it started trending I was so afraid that it would make me look like a stepford wife (I play it relatively safe with my fashion choices) but boy, oh, boy am I glad that it is a big hit. These skirts can be kept for so long as they are timeless and they are oh-so-classy.  Wear it with heels, flats, t-shirt or a jersey and stockings for a winter look. Here are girls I love that are rocking the flirty skirt look:


Image: CASHMERE in style

a7fam 061

Image: Atlantic-Pacific


Image: Lace & Locks


Image: Kenya L Fashion Blog


Image: Good, Bad, and Fab