Trends: Splurge or Save – Celine ‘IT’ Handbag


All (well almost all) females want the latest ‘it’ bag or the newest item currently trending and we at Ping and Ting are no different! With so many retailers out there you’ll be able to get your hands on the newest ‘it’ bag whether it be the original or a replica. So we ask the question – Splurge or Save?

By splurging you have pure quality and the satisfaction of knowing you have the real thing but if you cannot afford such an expensive purchase then why not save a few bucks and shop around for a really good knock off! In the images below are this seasons most coveted Celine Bags and some really cute knock offs as well – which ever one you buy you’ll still be a winner, and will be simply stylish and admired.


| Splurge –  Celine Trapese Handbag In Multicolour Pony Calfskin Cream |                     Save – Mr Price Colourblock Wing Shopper |

Desktop255| Splurge – Celine Luggage Handbag in Multicolour Textured Calfskin Cream | Save – Spree Trapeze Bag With Inner Pouch Blue